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The effects of maize/legume intercropping—increased nitrogen accumulation and crop residue, enhanced soil biodiversity, suppression of weeds

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Yes, it reduce the risk of crop failure (drought, pests, diseases) ‐

Better use of available soil nutrients  

Arrangement- One line of millet alternated with one line of maize

Manure application - 4 t/ha manure or 100 kg/ha ammonia phosphate

Manuring when possible application of phosphate rock of Tilemsi (100 kg/ha annually or 300 kg/ha once in three years) in addition to manure

You can use Cowpea as preceding crop or application of 50‐100 kg/ha urea at heading of maize

Plant spacing Both crops: 1.5 x 0.4 m    

Application   Area ;- with annual rainfall between 800 and 1200 mm  

Restrictions -  Poor soils where maize does not grow well  

Recommended practices  

Variety choice Millet: long‐duration variety, maize: early‐maturing variety   

Seed treatment:    Millet and maize 10 g Apron Plus for 750 g seeds
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