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Striga hermonthica, also known as witch weed, is a parasitic weed and is a serious problem in many parts of the Guinea and Sudan savannah zones of Ghana. The presence of a maize crop stimulates the germination of Striga seed, and the young plant attaches to maize roots from where it draws its moisture and nutrient requirements, inhibiting maize plant growth, i.e. reducing yields and in severe cases, causing plant death. Where Striga is a problem, the following integrated control options are recommended: 

1.Pull out Striga plant before it flowers and produces seed;

2. Rotate maize with non-susceptible crops like soya bean (e.g. Afayak and Songda), cotton, groundnut or sunflower;

3. Plant Striga tolerant/resistant maize varieties (e.g. Wang–Dataa and Bihilifa);

4. Apply recommended fertilizer rates and use other cultural practices.

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