symptoms of stem bores

What are the symptoms of stem borers?


  • Stem borers are pests that tunnel into the stems of maize plants and feed on the internal tissues, causing damage to the plant. The symptoms of stem borer infestation may include:

    1. of small holes or entry points on the stem of the maize plant.
    2. Wilting and drying of the leaves or parts of the plant.
    3. Presence of sawdust-like frass on the ground or on the stem of the maize plant.
    4. Formation of dead hearts in the stem of the maize plant.
    5. Stunted growth or death of the maize plant.
    6. Presence of yellowish or brownish patches on the stem of the maize plant.

    It's important to note that other pests or diseases may cause similar symptoms, so it's important to properly diagnose the problem before taking any control measures.

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