maize streak control

How do I control maize streak in my farm?


  • Maize streak virus (MSV) is mainly spread by the leafhopper vector Cicadulina spp. and it can cause significant yield losses in maize. Here are some ways to control maize streak in your farm:

    1. Planting of Resistant Varieties: Planting MSV resistant varieties is the most effective control measure for the disease. Consult your local agricultural extension officer or seed supplier to identify MSV-resistant maize varieties suitable for your region.

    2. Crop Rotation: Rotate maize with non-host crops such as legumes, grasses, or cereals to reduce the inoculum level of MSV.

    3. Early Planting: Early planting can reduce the severity of the disease as the maize crop will mature before the MSV population builds up.

    4. Use of Insecticides: Use of systemic insecticides such as neonicotinoids or contact insecticides such as pyrethroids can reduce the number of leafhopper vectors transmitting the disease. However, insecticides should be used judiciously, following the instructions of the manufacturer and the regulations of the local agricultural authorities.

    5. Removal of Weeds: The leafhopper vectors can survive on weeds, so removing weeds in and around the maize field can reduce the spread of MSV.

    6. Sanitation: Clearing of maize debris and crop residues after harvest can reduce the MSV inoculum levels in the field.

    By implementing these control measures, you can effectively manage maize streak in your farm and minimize yield losses due to the disease.

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