cassava production

Problems of cassava production in Ghana


  • Cassava production in Ghana faces various challenges, including:

    1. Pests and diseases: Cassava is prone to pests and diseases such as the cassava mosaic virus, cassava bacterial blight, and cassava green mite, which can cause significant yield losses.

    2. Lack of improved varieties: The majority of cassava varieties cultivated in Ghana are low yielding and susceptible to pests and diseases, which limits productivity.

    3. Post-harvest losses: Poor post-harvest handling and storage practices lead to significant losses in cassava yield, particularly due to rotting and pest damage.

    4. Inadequate access to credit and markets: Many cassava farmers in Ghana face challenges accessing credit and reliable markets for their produce, limiting their ability to expand production and generate income.

    5. Climate change: Climate change-related issues such as unpredictable rainfall patterns, drought, and floods are significant challenges that affect cassava production in Ghana.

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