application program for vegetable production

What foliar application programme can one follow in vegetable production?


  • Root Establishment
    a. Spray with MAP: 12-61-0 -once before transplanting
    MAP - Monoammonium phosphate is a widely used source of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N). It's made of two constituents common in the fertilizer industry and contains the most phosphorus of any common solid fertilizer
    b. Twice after transplant at 10 days intervals ½ milk tin per 15lts of water.

    Vegetative Stage
    Spray with POLY FEED 19-19-19 M/E
    Apply weekly ½ milk tin per 15 litres of water up to flowering. (spray)

    Flowering Stage
    At flowering apply VEGEBOOST (spray) 1/3 milk tin per 15 litres of water.
    Apply twice at weekly intervals.

    Fruit Abortion
    Spray with Multi –Potassium (K).
    Apply 3/4 milk tin per 15 litres of water

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