fish farming

What do I need to start a fish


  • To establish and run a small fish farm, you will need; labour, land, machetes, hoes, shovels, pickaxes, wheelbarrows, measuring tapes, wooden pegs, strings, lime, fingerlings, fertilizer, weighing scale, and scoop nets.
    Recommended fish is Tilapia
    Why farm Tilapia?
    • Tilapia is a fast-maturing-fish, easy to keep, popular with consumers
    • Tilapia grow quickly and you get a return on your investment fast
    • You do not have to be next to an ocean, lake, river, or stream to farm fish although a constant source of clean fresh water is essential for tilapia farming
    • There is a ready market both locally and internationally
    • You can meet demand in a timely and efficient manner, harvesting only what you can sell to avoid wastage
    • Fish rarely suffer from diseases unlike other types of livestock
    • Land unsuited to other productive uses-even small plots- can be used for fish farming
    • Once established, fish farms are easy to maintain leaving you with more time for other tasks
    • Fish is very nutritious, providing a good source of high-quality protein and other essential nutrients, which are especially important for mothers and growing children.

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