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How do I prevent worms from eating my growing veggies without using chemicals


  • How do I prevent worms from eating my growing veggies without using chemicals?
    There are several ways to prevent worms from eating your growing veggies without using chemicals:

    1. Crop rotation: This involves planting different crops in the same area each year to disrupt the life cycle of pests.

    2. Use physical barriers: You can use physical barriers like mesh, row covers, or netting to keep pests away from your plants.

    3. Use companion planting: Planting certain crops together can help to repel pests. For example, planting marigolds with vegetables can help to repel pests.

    4. Handpick the worms: You can handpick the worms from the leaves of your plants and dispose of them.

    5. Use organic insecticides: There are several organic insecticides that you can use to control pests. These include neem oil, pyrethrin, and diatomaceous earth.

    6. Use natural predators: You can attract natural predators like birds, ladybugs, and lacewings to your garden to help control pests.

    7. Maintain healthy soil: Healthy soil can help to promote plant growth and resistance to pests. Adding compost and other organic matter to your soil can help to improve soil health.

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