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Maize is most sensitive to weed competition during its early growth period. Therefore, weeds must never be allowed to out-grow maize plants before they are controlled. Weeding during the critical 2-4 weeks after planting greatly enhances grain production. This helps the established maize plants to grow rapidly and become highly competitive. Planting immediately after land preparation helps to reduce weed competition. In addition, planting in rows facilitates weed control. For manual weed control, conduct two hand weeding’s at 3 and 6 weeks after planting. Weeding may be repeated before harvesting if necessary. Where weed pressure is high and timeliness is too critical for hand weeding to be effective, much better weed control could be achieved through the judicious use of herbicides. The use of herbicides has advantages over manual weed control. It is faster, cheaper, less laborious and less tedious. Generally, the type of herbicide used is determined by the type of weeds present (either broadleaved or grassy weeds). Post-emergence herbicides could be used to kill weeds before land preparation and planting are done.

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