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Stem borers multiply in crop residues left on the field after harvest. So remove all crop residue, burn partially and burial immediately after harvesting. This practice helps to kill pupae of insect left in crop residues and prevents carry-over populations limiting the establishment of the pest on the following season’s crop. Short duration fallows with crops like pigeon pea, mucuna, cowpea and soya bean can be used to reduce yield losses due to stem borers in the subsequent crop. If more than 5% of plants are infested. Spray Karate (Orthene and Rimon) at 30ml per 15 liters of water for every 100m2 beginning at 2 weeks after planting and repeat at 2-week intervals till tasseling. Use pest control methods that do not affect the health of people or crops, or damage the environment, preferably mechanical and other non-chemical methods (e.g., neem seed/leaf extract, or soap solution). If chemical pesticides are absolutely necessary use the correct kind, dosage and application technique as well as appropriate safety precautions.

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